Catlin Landscape Architecture Services

Catlin Landscape Architecture designs landscape features and systems that are site- and client-specific. The main focus is on the development of a master plan for a specific project. We help create a vision for your project, then bring it to life.

From concept inception to construction completion and on into post-construction maintenance observation we support and assist our clients through the life of the project. Catlin Landscape Architecture offers a very personal and interactive partnership. We also integrate our expertise with other design/construction professionals to form project teams. In this capacity we are able to coordinate and manage large, complex and lengthy projects.

Site Design and Master Planning

Landscape Design

A full service, comprehensive design team to match the needs of most landscape projects with an emphasis on residential renovation and new construction.

Design Review Approval Process

We provide the experience and expertise to present your project to county and city review agencies to procure the necessary approvals that can eventually lead to permit acquisition. This includes presentations of rendered plans, color boards and material samples.

Building Permit Acquisition

We assist our clients with the submittal and acquisition of the required building permits. This may include the collation of plans with other design professionals.

Construction Observation

During the life of the construction of a landscape project, we provide periodic (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly) and timely oversight to each project. Change orders are managed, along with site plan changes or upgrades, plus supplemental submittals.

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