Landscape Design Portfolio: Pools, Spas and Water Features

Swimming Pools and Spas: Many homeowners in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties purchase homes with an existing swimming pool and spa, then have their pool and spa remodeled to become integral elements blended into an overall landscape design. Homeowners who choose to build a new pool and spa request that the pool and spa be the primary focal point of their landscape designs.

Innovative swimming pool and spa landscape design may include aesthetic elements such as water features — spillways, spouts, and waterfalls. Practical elements, such as energy efficient pumps, filters, heaters, solar heating, and hydronic heating, are also considered in pool and spa landscape design.

The Catlin Landscape Architecture approach to pool and spa landscape design starts with the understanding that pools and spas support family gatherings, and are a place to relax and reflect, exercise and enjoy life.

Water Features: There are endless possibilities for water features in landscape design projects. The forms and materials used for water features are quite varied. Examples of water features include traditional waterfalls and ponds, sculptures and contemporary art, stainless steel and granite, colored glass, or decades-old mill stones. Catlin Landscape Architecture offers both creativity in water feature landscape design as well as the knowledge to ensure that the water feature's pumps, electrical systems, etc. are correctly specified.