Planting Design

A landscape project implies planting. Plants are what help define the project. Plants are selected for a variety of reasons, needs, and desires. Plants are used for utilitarian reasons such as a screen, or for shade casting. They are used to evoke a style, capture a mood or restore and reclaim natural areas. A successful planting design will impart a sense of harmony and support the other primary elements of the overall project including both the landscape features and the project's architecture.

Planting design is client- and site-specific. I enjoy working with California natives and the myriad of other appropriate Mediterranean allies. I seek to blend plants into workable combinations relying upon textures, patterns and colors to define spaces and evoke the "spirit of the place".

With increasing demands on limited water resources, there is a focus on drought tolerant (and deer tolerant) planting schemes that we continue to refine and employ.

Additionally, the threat of wildland fire in suburban areas is real. We provide expertise in defensible space and fire safe planting design, working with local fire marshals and agencies to promote awareness and application of appropriate plant material.