Driveways & Entrances, Hardscapes, Walls

Driveways are an integral feature of the entry experience and need careful consideration. They provide for great opportunities for enhancement both visually and functionally. Pre-cast concrete pavers offer tremendous design opportunities, as does poured-in-place concrete: colored, scored, impressed, stained and textured.

Pathways help to generate interest and function within any landscape. They provide the arterial flow and allow for pedestrian circulation and encourage use of the garden spaces. The aesthetics of a path can be tied into the rest of the landscaping features. For example, a compacted decomposed granite or quarry fines path will blend seamlessly with a native California coastal garden promoting a natural theme.

The core strength of most projects lies within the hardscape detailing. There are numerous options for materials, for example, concrete, which can be custom colored, scored and textured. Another popular option is natural stone (bluestone, flagstone, limestone, and more) in a cut pattern or in random, natural placement. Perhaps the look of precast concrete pavers are the answer.

Retaining walls are essential on most jobs. How they relate visually to a project determines the strength of the design. Though retaining walls serve a functional purpose, they can also be decorative: shotcrete, earth-toned and coarsely textured, stucco, or veneered with a natural stone.